Facilities Management Services & Supports

When you select Westpark Business Campus as your preferred location, you get far more than just quality office space tailored to meet your specific needs. You also benefit from a comprehensive set of ancillary services, provided on an integrated and carefully managed basis, which greatly adds to your operational efficiency and gives you that competitive edge.

Westpark Shannon: You benefit from a comprehensive range of ancillary services

Comprehensive Building and Estate Services

The on-site campus management company offers professional services related to facilities and amenities in the common areas within the campus buildings and throughout the entire external campus grounds. These services are grouped below into two categories - Building Services and Estate Services.

Westpark Business Campus – Building Services

  • Reception Desk and concierge services to all tenants/licensees and visitors.
  • Security arrangements, including management/maintenance of access control systems, security cameras, and control of traffic and guest car parking. The security team provides 24-hour, 365-day monitoring service within the campus, through the use of sophisticated CCTV system.
  • Cleaning and janitorial services (including consumables) for restroom facilities/common areas and provision of refuse collection services.
  • Supply of electricity and fuel oil to the common areas.
  • Dedicated Facilities Management team and provision of 24-hour facility management help desk.
  • Energy management of heating and cooling systems within the building, including evaluating energy consumption, identifying savings and operating the building management system efficiently.
  • Maintenance, repair and replacement services of building plant and equipment, lifts, all shared services/common areas, lighting (including emergency lighting), directional and other signs and barriers. Includes planned preventative maintenance. 
  • Fire safety arrangements for users and visitors, including regular fire drills and alarm testing.
  • Engagement of external auditors to review and confirm the building service charge.
  • Insurance for the buildings.


Westpark Business Campus – Estate Services

  • Overall management of the campus including cleaning, repair and maintenance to ensure the campus always has an attractive and neat appearance.
  • Specific maintenance and related services, e.g. cleaning, repair, renewal/replacement, for sewers, drains, pipes and cables ducts; landscaped areas, street furniture, directional and other signs, and lighting (including emergency lighting).
  • Dedicated car parking and car park management for tenants and visitors to the campus.
  • Security arrangements, including the control of traffic plus maintenance, repair and replacement of security equipment.
  • Waste management: campus-wide service for regular collection, removal and disposal of refuse.
  • Supply of electricity.
  • Compliance with all bye-laws and statutory requirements.