Talent Magnet

Westpark Shannon attracts a highly educated and talented workforce. They are attracted because some of the brightest, globally-trading companies are already here, presenting them with the opportunity to advance their careers, in a Region that offers a suberb quality of life and a world-class work environment. 

Westpark Shannon: Where both businesses and talent thrive

Highly Educated Graduates and Top Tier Talent Love Westpark

Here are just a few reasons why Westpark Shannon attracts a highly talented workforce: 

Ireland's Talent Pool  - Ireland has a predominantly young work-force which is capable, innovative and committed to achievement. They are also highly mobile and eager to work for the best companies to advance their careers. Westpark attracts the best companies. Most of Ireland's workforce is within 2 hours of Westpark - Dublin, for instance, is only 2 hours away.

Nearby Talent Pool - Westpark is close to 2 university cities, Limerick (20 minutes) and Galway (60 minutes). There are six third-level colleges nearby, providing a strong flow of highly educated graduates. The University of Limerick, The National University of Ireland Galway and Institute of Technologies in Limerick, Galway, Athlone and Tralee. These colleges alone provide a student cohort of over 50,000, with over 18,000 graduates each year.

European Talent Pool: Europe is a key market of over 500 million people, but it also represents a wide talent pool of multi-lingual workers who are free to work in Ireland and can be easily attracted by opportunity and the attractive lifestyle.

Graduates from the University of Limerick

Sectoral Clusters and Top Tier Talent: The Region is home to over 200 overseas companies in ICT, life sciences, financial services, engineering, publishing, software, aviation and logistics. It means there is a skill base within these sectors in the Region and top tier talent is easier to attract to Westpark. Famous names in the Region include Apple, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Intel, GECAS, AerCap, Johnson &  Johnson,  Regeneron, Northern Trust, Cook Medical, Boston Scientific, Pepper, DHL and Molex.

Lifestyle: The Region offers a high standard of living and an exceptional quality of life. In a small compact area you have thriving cities, large towns, small villages and amazing coastal scenery. These provide for everything a worker may want to suit their lifestyle choices.

Uncongested, Fresh, Invigorating, Affordable:  Westpark's location in the Atlantic Way Region contrasts strongly to the congested development in major cities. The pure, fresh air coming in from the Atlantic is invigorating. The workforce can typically get to and from home within 20 minutes, by motorway. Leisure options in the Region are more varied, and no queuing. The cost of living is lower. There is greater availability of quality housing and house rentals and it is far more affordable. Houses, and rentals, are typically half the cost of Dublin for comparable houses. 

Westpark - the Perfect Work Environment:  Westpark’s impressive multi-storey buildings
accommodate offices of the highest quality. Spacious, bright, air-conditioned, energy-efficient and secure, they provide a perfect work environment conducive to individual and team performance. Feedback tells us that the workforce love the Westpark Business Environment. 

Below is a day and a weekend in the life of typical highly talented employees... 


A Working Day in the Life of Sharon, your new Star Employee at Westpark Shannon

Sharon doesn’t work at the Westpark Shannon International Business Campus just yet, but she soon will... and as a star within your team. Let’s imagine her day...

  • Sharon leaves home for work and is at Westpark Shannon within 20 minutes, arriving by Motorway. She parks her car within 50 meters of her office.
  • Arriving early, she enjoys a quick coffee with a friend at our entrance Plaza.
  • Sharon takes the 2 minute walk from the Plaza to her office, ready for a busy day.
  • It's a hectic morning - there are European deals to be won and closed out - all taken in stride.
  • She has a quick lunch at ‘Sage’, one of her favourite restaurants at Westpark. She opts for a healthy menu option. It energises her.
  • At lunchtime, Sharon takes a quick 15 minute walk along the nature trail and is fresh for the afternoon.
  • New York has now just woken up and is ready for business - and Sharon is ready for trade.
  • Immersed in her work, she stays late - but knows home is just 20 minutes away on uncongested roads. It's soon family time!



Séan, your most creative employee, loves working at Westpark Shannon 

Séan doesn’t work at the Westpark Shannon International Business Campus just yet, but he soon will... and as a key talent within your team. Let’s imagine his days off.

  • Séan has had a really busy work week. He has been over and back to London twice in three days to close out a major deal and bring a new client on-board.
  • He also delivered on all the creatives to help successfully launch a new product in Europe and liaised with team members in Ireland and the United States throughout the week to ensure all went smoothly.
  • The launch was a huge success - but then it's Séan - so no less than expected.
  • Family is really important to Séan too and the weekend is a special time to chill out and have fun. The children look forward to it with great excitement.
  • Every weekend is different. Last week they visited Bunratty Folk Park; visited a pet farm and took a boat trip to see the famous Shannon Dolphins at play.
  • This weekend it was city shopping; and a visit to the amazing Cliffs of Moher, followed by an invigorating Atlantic beach walk. The pure fresh air brought on glowing cheeks and an appetite - quelled by fresh seafood salad and homemade apple tart.
  • Monday morning, Séan dropped the kids to playschool and was at Westpark Shannon in 20 minutes by motorway - happy, refreshed and ready for another busy week. The Region Inspires.