Westpark Shannon - Global Aviation has a Special Home

Westpark Shannon - Global Aviation has a Special Home
By Westpark Shannon on  October 01, 2015


DID YOU KNOW that an Irish leased aircraft takes off, somewhere in the world, every two seconds?

DID YOU KNOW that the world's top two global aviation leasing giants (GECAS and AerCap) are based on the Westpark Business Campus?

DID YOU KNOW that these two companies have, between them, over 3,000 aircraft leased globally – this equates to up to 30% of the world’s fleet?

DID YOU KNOW that there are up to 22,000 commercial aircrafts in the world today with 45% of these now being leased through aviation leasing companies?

In addition to AerCap and GECAS, other businesses that form part of the impressive aviation cluster at Westpark include CAE Parc Aviation, the global market leader in providing aviation personnel, Aldus Aviation which is focused on the ownership and leasing of Embraer's E-Jet, Lufthansa Technik, Aero Inspection and indigenous continuing airworthiness management organisation Part M.

They all choose Westpark Shannon for the reasons you are likely to. It confers all of the advantages that locating in Ireland offers and then some more, including Shannon's history of being at the forefront in global aviation, the ease of access to world markets, future-proofed ICT, the availability of a talented workforce, significant operational cost savings when compared to Dublin, top quality campus offices and facilities and on-site support services, and the exceptional quality of life enjoyed by the Region’s workforce and their families.


Westpark Shannon - Perfect Global Aviation 'Talk Time' Location









A working day at Westpark Shannon overlaps with destinations around the world, which gives your business extensive global ‘talk time’. Above, is the number of hours you can talk to these locations during a Westpark working day. Based on summer time hours 8.00 to 17.00 (April to October). 


Aviation Leasing in Ireland

Here is a short video, produced by Orix Aviation Systems Limited, in association with IDA Ireland, telling the story of Aviation Leasing in Ireland.