Britain's triggers Article 50, confirming it will leave the European Single Market

Britain's triggers Article 50, confirming it will leave the European Single Market
By Westpark Shannon Limited on  March 29, 2017

Since Britain’s vote to leave the European Union and the trigger of Article 50, many UK-based companies are making early moves to protect their business. Some companies are actively seeking relocation, while others are considering a UK-Europe dual location strategy.

Westpark Shannon, Ireland’s Premier International Business Campus, is right at the heart of Ireland’s Atlantic Way Pro-Business Corridor. The 40-acre Campus is home to some of the world’s best and brightest globally trading companies and it offers UK-based companies, interested in locating in Ireland, quick and easy access to the European Single Market.

If you are a UK-based company, here are 12 Great Reasons to Locate at Westpark Shannon:

#1: Guaranteed access to the European Single Market

The EU is a rich, sophisticated market of over 510 million people and over 28% of World GDP. Locating at Westpark Shannon gives you barrier-free access to this key market block. Locating here simplifies trading within the EU and also reduces the costs and risks associated with currency exchange.

#2: Easy access to world markets and great global talk time

Westpark Shannon’s geographic location makes it a great base from which to access the EU, UK, U.S., and the Middle East. Businesses at Shannon enjoy all-day talk time within Europe, and our time zone overlaps with parts of the American, African, Middle East and Asian working day.

#3: 90 minutes from London and easy travel to rest of world

Westpark Shannon is less than a 90 minute flight from London. Most of the rest of UK and Europe are between one and three hours away. Flights to the U.S. are shorter than from any UK point or any EU member state.

#4: English and European language speakers

Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Eurozone, and will be the only English speaking country in the EU post Brexit. European language speakers are welcome and free to relocate to Ireland – there are no visa or other restrictions.

#5: Talent pool available. No visa/residency issues for EU staff

Locating at Westpark Shannon gives you easy access to Ireland’s and Europe’s talent pool. Most of Ireland’s workforce is within 2 hours of Westpark - Dublin, for instance, is only 2 hours away. Westpark is also next to 2 university cities, Limerick (20 minutes) and Galway (50 minutes) and there are six third-level colleges nearby, providing a strong flow of highly educated graduates. Top-tier executives and management work in the Region. There are no visa/residency issues for EU staff who wish to relocate to Westpark Shannon – which means a wide talent pool of multi-lingual speakers are free to work in Ireland and can be easily attracted by opportunity and the attractive lifestyle.

#6: Happy employees. Exceptional quality of life

Westpark Shannon is located between two major Irish cities (Galway and Limerick) and it is centred on the Atlantic Way Region – and therefore enjoys the pure, fresh air coming in from the Atlantic, which is both invigorating and healthy. It also has an amazing coastline and the River Shannon, one of the world’s great rivers, flows through the Region. It is a perfect work and lifestyle environment for individuals and families. The Region offers quality, affordable housing; world-class educational facilities for all ages and excellent healthcare services.

#7: Similar legal system and tax code, and a corporation tax rate of only 12.5%

Ireland and the UK have a similar legal system and tax codes; and Ireland’s corporation tax rate is firmly fixed at 12.5%. Ireland also has comprehensive double taxation agreements with over 70 countries.

#8: Low bureaucracy. Fast-track support

Ireland is considered one of the best countries in the world for ease of doing business (Forbes). New businesses wishing to relocate to Westpark Shannon receive support from Irish Government agencies and fast-track support for licensing and registration of activities. Enterprise Ireland, one of the key support agencies, is based on the Westpark Campus.

#9: Great location within Ireland

Westpark Shannon is close to two major cities (Galway and Limerick). It has direct motorway connections to both Cities and to Dublin City and Airport. Dublin Airport is just over 2 hours away and provides flights to over 150 destinations. Westpark is located 5 minutes from Shannon Airport which provides direct flights to destinations across the UK, Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Shannon offers full U.S. Customs and Border Protection preclearance facilities.

#10: You join other globally-trading companies

At Westpark Shannon you will join over 50 globally-trading companies – with a combined annual sales turnover of over 2.5 billion euros. These range from major global corporations to smaller vibrant businesses and include world-renowned names in aviation, finance, logistics, information and communication technology and business services. They include major enterprises like GECAS, Pepper, AerCap, DHL and Enterprise Ireland.

#11: Leading edge ICT

Westpark is future-proofed and fibre enabled for ICT and provides access through major carriers via high speed, enet carrier-neutral fibre networks to the U.S., Canada, the UK and Europe.

#12: Save on operational costs

Westpark Shannon offers very competitive terms and the cost of doing business is substantially less than Dublin and other large urban centres.


Westpark Shannon’s ‘Easy into Europe’ Programme gives you IMMEDIATE access to Europe. Start with one employee or several hundred, and grow at your own pace.

Westpark Shannon operates a dedicated ‘Easy into Europe’ Programme that provides a range of office sizes and support options to give you rapid access into Europe. You can decide to start in its Global Business Centre (from 2 to 20-person desks) and expand to flexible office suites or tailored office suites, or you can invest in a bespoke Corporate HQ accommodating several hundred employees. Businesses thrive at Westpark and often outgrow their space - which is why the campus has been designed to accommodate expansions.

Whether you are setting-up, relocating or expanding, we have highly experienced on-site teams to guide and support you every step of the way.