Meet the Companies at Westpark

Meet the companies who are located at Westpark Shannon from major global enterprises to smaller dynamic businesses. Many are already leaders in their fields, while many others will be. We are proud to have a thriving community of dedicated professionals on campus. We hope you can join them. 

Our Community: 50 Companies | Close to 2,000 employed | Companies include...

Hubbell Global Operations
Hubbell Global Operations Hubbell Global Operations

Hubbell, headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, USA, are manufacturers of quality electrical and electronic products for residential, commercial and utility applications. In addition to their existing global locations, Hubbell have chosen Shannon to open a center of excellence, providing Hubbell with a central location to capitalize on the global economy and international supply chain.

Westpark Building 3000 United States of America
B2BGateway.Net B2BGateway.Net

B2BGateway.Net is a dedicated EDI service provider and has been offering cost-effective, easy to use, cloud based EDI solutions since the late 1990s. B2BGateway.Net supports all International EDI Mapping formats including ANSI X-12, EDIFACT, Tradacom, Odette, XML, etc. as well as virtually all accepted EDI transport protocols including VAN, AS2, SMTP (E-mail), FTP, HTTP, Secure Socket, etc

Westpark Building 3000 United States of America
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