Globally Connected

Westpark Shannon, Ireland's Premier International Business Campus, is right at the heart of Ireland's Atlantic Way Pro-Business Corridor. It offers superb global connectivity and a business environment second to none. 

Westpark Shannon: Your new European office and barrier-free access to over 500 million people

Strategic Location and Advanced ICT opens up Global Trading

Westpark is centred between the two university cities of Limerick and Galway and is just 2 hours from Dublin Airport by motorway and 5 minutes from Shannon Airport.

Westpark Shannon’s strategic location and advanced ICT provides companies trading internationally with significant competitive advantages.

Gateway to World Markets - Westpark is strategically located between the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific and is right at the heart of the eurozone. This provides businesses located on the campus with barrier-free access to a population of over 500 million. Many companies have also chosen Westpark as their base for operations in the wider EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

Motorways and Flights – Westpark is adjacent to direct motorway connections to Dublin City and Dublin Airport. Dublin Airport is just over 2 hours away and provides flights to over 150 destinations. Westpark is also just 5 minutes from Shannon Airport which provides direct flights to destinations across the UK, Europe, the US and Canada. It offers full US Customs and Border Protection preclearance facilities.

Nearby Cities - Westpark is centred between two of Ireland’s university cities - Galway and Limerick. Limerick City is just a 20 minute drive and Galway City 60 minutes.

Leading Edge ICT: Westpark is future-proofed and fibre enabled for ICT and provides access through major carriers via high speed, enet carrier-neutral fibre networks to the US, Canada, the UK and Europe.

Perfect Global 'Talk Time' Location: Businesses at Shannon enjoy all-day talk time within Europe and our time zone overlaps parts of the American, African, Middle East and Asian working day. Below you can see some examples of the hours you can talk to destinations during a working day at Westpark.

Westpark Shannon, the perfect 'Talk Time' location

A working day at Westpark Shannon overlaps with destinations around the world, which gives your business extensive global ‘talk time’. Above, is the number of hours you can talk to these locations during a Westpark working day. Based on summer time hours 8.00 to 17.00 (April to October)